Music Therapy Clinician

MT Clinician

Volume 1 - 2015

Volume 2 - 2016

Friends and Followers: We are sad to have to let you know we will be taking a hiatus from editing and publishing our journal-zine. It has been challenging to be both Vice President of the New Jersey Association for Music Therapy and the Editor for Music Therapy Clinician at the same time. That being said, I think I speak for all of us when I say Ellen, Gillian, Stephenie and I are committed to getting the zine back online when I move on from my position on the NJAMT Executive Board.

We hope you'll continue to contribute your arts-based reflections to our Facebook page and as a part of your personal practice. We look forward to letting you know when we're back in action!

We deeply appreciate the support you've offered us so far!

~Roia Rafieyan, Editor-in-Chief

Supporting Reflective Clinical Practice

Music Therapy Clinician is a peer-edited, open access, part journal and part zine, published by the New Jersey Association for Music Therapy, with a focus on giving voice to the lived experience of students and practitioners of music therapy at all stages of professional development. We present wide-ranging, thought-provoking personal perspectives on all aspects of clinical work, encouraging arts-based reflection. We are committed to and encourage discussion, presenting varying viewpoints, and strengthening connections within the music therapy community.