NJAMT Monthly Newsletter

NJAMT is proud to deliver a monthly newsletter full of current information and opportunities for organization members! Click here to view the sample Newsletter.

Included in the newsletter are:
1) CMTE’s, CEU’s, and Workshops
2) Job and Internship Openings
3) Fundraisers, Community Events, Gatherings
4) Advocacy opportunities
5) Conferences, Symposiums, and Conventions
6) NJAMT Music Therapist of the Month
7) Announcements
8) Other

To ensure the most accurate information, we encourage and welcome submissions for the newsletter! Anyone may submit information to be included for disbursement to NJAMT membership – you do not need to be a member or music therapist to submit to the newsletter!

To SUBMIT click here. Deadlines for submission are the 25th of each month for information to be included in the following month’s newsletter.

Newsletters are emailed to NJAMT members and are available in the Members Only section of this website. Members [Log In] to access newsletter volumes.

Members may access all archived newsletters for information they may have missed in the email distribution. 

Please contact publicrelations@njmusictherapy.org for any additional information.