Continuing Education for Board Certified Music Therapists

Our Mission for Quality Continuing Education

Board certified music therapists (MT-BC) are required to demonstrate continued competence to practice by regularly engaging in professional development (Qualifications to Practice). To learn more about the recertification process click here for the Certification Board for Music Therapists (CBMT).

As part of its mission, New Jersey Association for Music Therapy (NJAMT) provides continuing education workshops that are:

  • CBMT approved typically for 3-6 continuing music therapy credits (CMTEs)
  • Free to NJAMT members who join by March 15 (non-members participate for a fee)
  • Opportunities to network and share concerns/ideas with other music therapists

Secondary benefits for participants are:

  • Opportunities to visit facilities in New Jersey that offer music therapy services or to host a workshop showcasing a facility
  • Opportunities to meet NJAMT officers and participate in the annual membership meeting held in conjunction with workshops
Past NJAMT Workshops and Presenters
  • "Radical Practice: Music Therapy in Institutional Settings"
    • "How to Function at Work with Work is Dysfunctional" - Roia Rafieyan, MA, MT-BC
    • "Music Therapy with Humans in Inhumane Systems" - Audrey Hausig, MMT, MT-BC
    • Community Music Therapy: It's Up to All of Us!" - Pamela Draper, MMT, MT-BC
  • "The Current Status of Professional Supervision Amongst Music Therapists: A Presentation of Findings From A Recent Study" - Amanda MacRae, PhD, MT-BC
  • "Developing the Role of Music Therapy Supervisor: Expanding Awareness, Perspective, and Possibilities" - Amy Clarkson, MMT, LCAT, MT-BC, TEP
  • "Cultural Humility in Music Therapy Supervision" - Jasmine Edwards, MA, LCAT, MT-BC
  • "Awareness and Expansion of Music Therapy Supervision" - Amanda MacRae, PhD, MT-BC, Amy Clarkson, MMT, LCAT, MT-BC, TEP and Jasmine Edwards, MA, LCAT, MT-BC
  • "Embracing Change: Music Therapists Processing" - John Mondanaro, PhD, LCAT, MT-BC, CCLS, Susan Hadley, PhD, MT-BC and Debbie Bates, PhD, MT-BC
  • "Beyond Lyric Analyses and Song Listening: Using Songs Within a Trauma-Informed Framework" -
    Maya Benattar MA, MT-BC, LCAT
  • "Ethical Considerations in Self-Care for Music Therapists: From Principles to Practice" -
    Angela Guerriero, M.Ed., MA, MM, MT-BC and Gregory Perkins, MT-BC
  • "The Healing Power of Vocal Psychotherapy" -
    Diane Austin, DA, ACMT, LCAT
  • "Conscious Drumming: Drumming from the Heart" -
    Jim Borling, MM, MT-BC, FAMI
  • "New Jersey Music Therapy Legislative Hill Day" -
    Melissa Santiago, MS, MT-BC, CCLS
  • "Advocacy Skills for Today's Music Therapist [Minimal Fee]" -
    Melissa Santiago, MS, MT-BC, CCLS and Paula Unsal, MM, MA, MT-BC
    Second Location: Beth Walls, MT-BC
  • "Implications and Applications of Hip Hop Culture in Music Therapy" -
    Michael Viega, PhD, MT-BC, FAMI
  • "Strategies for Coping with Secondary Stress in Creative Arts Therapies" -
    Kelly Meashey, MMT, MT-BC, FAMI, LCAT
  • "Using the Creative Arts Therapies in Wellness and Recovery" -
    Bill Burns-Lynch, MA, CPRP
  • "Supervision for Survival" -
    Janice Dvorkin, PsyD, MT-BC
  • "It's Complicated: Exploring the Many Aspects of Countertransference" -
    Roia Rafieyan, MA, MT-BC and Mark Bottos, MCAT, DMT
  • "Clinical Improvisation" -
    Alan Turry, DA, MT-BC, LCAT
  • "Orchestrating a Sound Music Therapy Practice" -
    Kathy Murphy, PhD, MT-BC and Michael Mulligan, Esq.